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Mechanical Assemblies

The custom metal fabrication manufacturing assembly process consists of putting together all the component parts and subassemblies of a given product. Custom metal fabrication assembly includes numerous actions and steps, including:

Custom metal fabrication assembly is unique compared to the methods of manufacturing such as machining, grinding, and welding in that most of these processes involve only a few disciplines. Most of these non-assembly operations cannot be performed without the aid of equipment, thus the development of automated methods has been necessary rather than optional. Assembly, on the other hand, may involve…one machine, many of fastening methods such as riveting, welding, screw driving, and adhesive application. Automatic parts selection, probing, gaging, labeling and packaging are also involved.

Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping is a process that uses tools & dies to transform flat metal sheets into shapes. This process is used for producing parts across many industries for multiple applications. 

Tempco produces metal stampings on mechanical presses. Metal stamping machines punch, cut and shape metal sheets. Aluminum, copper, cold rolled steel, and stainless steel are some of the metals used by companies offering metal stampings.

Over the past few years, metal stamping has started to replace other metal forming processes (such as forging and die casting) because of the low production costs. Additionally, the products produced through the metal stamping process are often stronger and more durable than those made in other metal forming processes. Metal stampings are used in a variety of industries because parts can be turned out at a very high rate and this is good for overall production times and costs.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is the process used to cut, punch, and bend sheet metal. Special tools, such as CNC laser, CNC turret presses, and CNC press brakes are often used in the sheet metal fabrication process.

To finish the sheet metal fabrication process, the metal is usually plated, powdercoated, or anodized if aluminum. The finishing touches are then placed according to the customer's specification, and the piece is inspected and shipped. 

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