Water Jet Cutting

OMAX MAXIEM 1530 Water Jet MachineCNC water jet cutting harnesses the power of high-pressure water to cut a wide range of materials. CNC water jet cutting offers exceptional precision, able to produce intricate parts and components for demanding industries, including aerospace, automotive, and more. Water jet cutting is also an environmentally friendly production method, as it does not produce hazardous byproducts during operation.

CNC Water Jet Cutting Equipment Capabilities at Tempco

At Tempco Manufacturing, our state-of-the-art CNC water-cutting machines provides customers with high-quality metal parts with tight tolerances. Our water jet cutting services are efficient, cost-effective, and produce high-quality parts, providing customers with custom metal components for industrial applications.

OMAX MAXIEM 1530 Water Jet Machine

Our OMAX MAXIEM 1530 CNC water jet cutting machine is a powerful and versatile cutting tool. It utilizes a constant, high-pressure stream of water mixed with a granular abrasive substance to cut very narrow lines through metal or other materials. The MAXIEM 1530 sets a higher standard for precision abrasive waterjet cutting. Technical features include:

  • CNC programming for very fast cutting speeds (up to 500" per minute) and exceptional precision (±0.003"/±0.076mm or better)
  • Unique tank design is built to handle common plate sizes
  • Linear motion system uses digital linear encoders to provide instant micron-level cutting head position feedback for accurate part production
  • Near perfect repeatability within ±0.001"/±0.025mm or better
  • Large work envelope for machining larger parts (X-Y axis:10’ × 5’2”/3,048mm × 1,575mm; Z axis: 12”/305mm; work table 12’2” × 5’8”/3,708mm × 1,727mm)

What are the Advantages of Water Jet Cutting?

Water jet cutting offers many advanced benefits for manufacturing custom parts, including versatility, quality, efficient production costs, and more.

Water Jet Cutting a Wide Range of Metals in Various Sizes & Thicknesses

Water jet cutting is exceptionally versatile, capable of cutting through a wide range of metals and other materials. Water jet cutting can also cut through thick materials that may not be possible for other cutting methods.

Eliminates Heat-Effected Zones

Water jet cutting does not create heat-affected zones or mechanical stresses in the material. Unlike laser cutting and EDM processes, water jet cutting does not generate heat. This means there is no heat-affected zone in the material being cut, making it ideal for materials that can deform due to heat exposure.

Burr-Free Edges for High-Quality Metal Parts

The water jet-cutting process results in smooth, burr-free edges. It also eliminates the need for secondary heat treatment after cutting, reducing overall production costs.

Cost-Efficient Production

Water jet cutting does not use tooling and only minimal fixturing. This increases productivity and reduces overall costs compared to other cutting methods.

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