Fiber Optic Laser Cutting Solutions

Fiber optic laser cutters utilize amplified light channeled through a fiber optic cable. The light is then straightened and delivered by a hyper-focused lens on the material. This delivery system provides precision cutting for numerous materials in various thicknesses. 

CNC Fiber Laser Cutting & Engraving from Tempco

At Tempco, metal fabrication is our passion. We work with advanced industrial equipment to manufacture high-quality metal products and parts. When it comes to laser cutting, we use premium fiber optic laser cutting machines to make precision cuts to sheet metal and other materials. Our fiber optic laser cutters provide a wide range of advantages, including:

  • High efficiency: Fiber laser cutters are more efficient compared to CO2 laser cutters and YAG laser cutters, offering a much higher photoelectric conversion rate
  • Flexible working positions: Our optical fiber laser has a lightweight and movable working position, increasing versatility for production
  • Low costs: Fiber laser cutting’s efficiency helps keep production costs low
  • High-quality cutting: The constant beam transmission from fiber laser cutters provides a much more consistent and high-quality cut compared to CO2 laser generators

Fiber Optic Laser Cutting Material Capabilities

Fiber optic laser cutting machines are powerful enough to cut sheet metal up to 0.866” thick (maximum thickness varies by material). At Tempco, we can laser cut an array of standard and specialty materials, including:

The Amada Fiber Laser Cutting System at Tempco

Our Amada industrial fiber optic laser cutter is four times faster than conventional laser systems. It includes a material feed tower with an automatic material load/unload feature that enables fully-automated “lights out” operation. High-speed positioning (up to 13,300 ipm traverse speeds) provides unmatched productivity. Shorter processing times equate to faster turnarounds, so you get the needed parts sooner. Watch the video below to see how quickly our laser cutter can turn out complex parts.

With a 5’ x 10’ work table, our Amada laser cutter has ample room for large parts or for nesting multiple jobs on a single piece of sheet metal. Advanced software allows us to input digital part designs directly, and a 3-axis linear motor drive system provides absolute accuracy, even at the highest cutting speeds. The system’s high-powered, 4000-watt laser creates exceptional edge quality. These factors combine to minimize or eliminate scrap and inaccurately-cut parts, reducing material costs.

Amada’s LCG3015AJ CNC Laser Cutter

The LCG3015AJ utilizes Amada’s patented fiber laser technology, allowing a wide range of material types and thicknesses to be processed quickly and efficiently. This 9000-watt model can cut copper, brass, and titanium and processes common materials four times as quickly as competitors. The LCG3015AJ laser cutting fabrications also utilize fewer diode laser modules to achieve the desired power. This advantage provides improved efficiency and simplification for the overall design of the fiber engine.

Benefits of the LCG3015AJ Fiber Laser Cutting CNC Machine

Amada’s 9000-watt laser cutter is designed with numerous features, making it the premiere optic laser cutter in the industry. Advanced features of this model include:

  • Helical Rack & Pinion Drives – These advanced drives allow higher torque motors to achieve smoother and quicker acceleration.
  • Automatic Gas Selection Assistance – This feature allows the machine to automatically choose the proper gas for the material being machined without operator intervention.
  • High-Speed Laser Head – The head features a fast-sensing processor that allows for increased speed and enhanced height-sensing control.
  • Cartridge Style Lens Holder – The head also features a cartridge-assisted lens holder that allows for quick setups between different materials without needing tools.
  • 4-Station Nozzle Changer – Nozzle changes are simple with a 4-station design, allowing quick and easy exchanges.
  • Touchscreen Controls – Easy-to-operate touchscreen allows efficient network access and retrieves programs generated offline.
  • Thumbnail Screen Views – Allows for quick and easy part identification.

Eco-Friendly Metal Laser Cutter

At Tempco, our laser system uses approximately one-third of the energy required by a “traditional” 4000-watt CO2 laser and just a quarter of the power of a 6000-watt CO2 laser. Unlike CO2 laser technology, industrial fiber optic lasers require no gases to generate the laser beam, eliminating potentially harmful emissions. Fiber optic laser cutting is among the most environmentally friendly metal fabrication processes available.

Tempco is Your Source for High-Quality Fiber Laser Cutting & Metal Fabrication

For high-precision fiber optic laser cutting, Tempco Manufacturing is your solution. Tempco serves numerous industries, providing high-quality parts and fabrications for various applications. We use advanced production equipment to provide our customers with premium custom solutions.

Contact Tempco to Learn More About Our CNC Fiber Laser Cutting & Engraving Solutions

Contact us for more information about Tempco’s industry-leading fiber optic laser cutting capabilities, or view our work gallery to learn more. Our metal fabrication experts are prepared to provide you with custom fiber laser-cutting services at competitive costs. Request a quote for more detailed pricing information.

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