Frequently Asked Questions

At Tempco Manufacturing, we field plenty of questions about our custom metal stamping and sheet metal fabrication processes. Below are answers to some of the queries we hear most often. Read on to find detailed responses to your metal stamping and fabrication questions. If you don’t see the answer you need, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help!

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What is the difference between “metal stamping” and “metal fabrication”?

“Metal stamping” can refer to any of a number of metal forming operations. All metal stamping processes utilize punch presses with custom-made tooling and dies to produce a shape, pattern, or other characteristic a part requires. In general, metal stamping can provide tighter tolerances than metal fabrication.

“Metal fabrication” entails the manufacturing of three-dimensional metal parts via cutting, bending, and/or various assembly processes. Fabrication generally requires more specialized equipment, such as laser cutters, robotic welders, and machining centers.

Can you help me design or prototype my part?

Tempco offers engineering and prototyping services to help you turn your part concepts into reality. Our expert engineers can help you optimize your part for the best fit, form, and function. Our prototype manufacturing service allows our customers to test-run their parts to ensure that their designs deliver the performance they require.

What makes Tempco unique in their industry?

The level of capabilities offered by and the quality of the parts produced by metal stamping companies can vary widely. Most metal stamping providers can deliver basic, two dimensional parts with little difficulty—Tempco offers a broad range of capabilities that enable us to deliver even the most intricate parts with perfect precision and repeatability.

How can I minimize the cost of metal stampings?

For custom metal stampings, two of the biggest factors that affect price are material type and the tolerances of the part design.

More common or readily available materials are less costly than specialty materials or alloys. Similarly, materials in “standard” thicknesses cost less than “non-standard” thicknesses.

Tight-tolerance designs (those requiring tolerances of ± 0.005” or less) generally require more machining operations to hold those tolerances. Tight tolerance parts also often require secondary services , which increases costs, as well.

Which is right for my parts: metal stamping or machining?

The choice between stamping or machining usually comes down to the manufacturability of the part.

Metal stamping generates less material scrap than machining. This helps keep costs down and can be especially important when working with more expensive specialty materials like titanium or tungsten. In general, metal stampings are far lower in price-per-piece than machined parts, even when secondary services are required to meet tolerances.

What is a “progressive die”? And will I need one to manufacture my parts?

A “progressive die” is a single punch press tool that has been specially designed to perform all the punching, cutting, coining, and bending required to produce a metal part. If you require a part in quantities greater than 15,000 per year, having a progressive die made for part manufacturing is a very good idea.

Does Tempco make their own tooling and dies? How long does it take to manufacture custom tooling for my project?

In most cases, the lead time for tool and die manufacturing depends on the number of total operations needed to produce the part and the quantity of parts required. Stage tooling usually takes roughly 4 to 6 weeks to produce; progressive tooling usually takes 8 to 10 weeks.

Why choose domestic manufacturing instead of offshore manufacturing?

With U.S.-based manufacturing, you can count on better quality parts and components and reliable, on-time delivery. American manufacturers are the best in the world, producing the highest quality, tightest tolerance parts. Domestic manufacturing allows for faster turnaround times and more dependable deliveries. For top quality parts delivered on your schedule, there’s no substitute for American manufacturing.

If you have additional questions that are not addressed here, contact Tempco Manufacturing today. We’re ready to discuss your custom metal stamping or custom metal fabrication project!