Cold Rolled Steel Production

Cold rolled steel essentially begins the same way as hot rolled steel. After exposure to extreme temperatures, cold rolled steel then undergoes further processing. The rolled steel cools in a cold reduction mill and finishes with annealing or tempers rolling instead of cooling at room temperature. The steel produced has closer dimensional tolerances and a wider range of surface finishes.

Tempco Manufacturing is your go-to source of industrial metal fabrication and precision metal stamping expertise. From carbon steel stamping to custom metal stamping to cold rolled steel production, we have the experience to design a custom solution built from your specifications.

The Advantages of Industrial Cold Rolled Steel

Cold rolled steel provides increased strength and an aesthetically pleasing exterior finish. It offers tighter tolerances, providing a thinner metal without sacrificing any durability. Due to the extensive processing, cold rolled steel can create a greater variety of rolled steel thicknesses than hot rolled steel. The cooling process assures a consistent final shape with low variation.

Compared to hot rolled steel, it is more expensive and does have a lower malleability. However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages because of cold rolled steel's improved strength and other traits.

Cold Rolled Steel for Any Industry

When you need highly accurate finished dimensions, cold rolled steel is an excellent choice. It is often used in industries such as:

Tempco offers several cold rolled steel products, including rolled sheets, bars, and coil, each with a specific set of advantages to meet any requirement. For instance, cold rolled steel coil is a good fit for metal stamping machines or presses which produce long runs of high-volume parts. Check with our experts to learn which custom cold rolled carbon steel product is best for your industrial application.

The Tempco Quality Advantage

At Tempco Manufacturing, we maintain strict quality standards to keep your satisfaction at the center of everything we do. Our 12-month stocking program stores your inventory for an entire year, working with you to accommodate your requirements. Our blanket-pricing approach means you don’t have to worry about sudden or unexpected price changes.

Our capabilities allow us to provide both sheet metal fabrication and metal stamping, making us a one-stop shop for all your cold rolled steel coil or sheet needs.

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