Custom Aluminum Stamping

Aluminum is lightweight, conductive, strong, and maintains an aesthetically pleasing appearance, making aluminum an ideal material for stamping applications. Aluminum metal stamping involves various processes that transform a standard piece of aluminum into a part or component custom-manufactured to the user's specifications.

At Tempco, we specialize in stamping aluminum sheet metal. Using our advanced metal stamping capabilities, we can create custom aluminum stampings that meet your application's dimensions and performance requirements. If you are looking for an aluminum stamping company you can trust, Tempco is your solution.

What is the Metal Stamping Process for Aluminum?

Aluminum metal stamping is a cold working process that utilizes work-hardening of the material to accentuate the metal's beneficial qualities. Aluminum parts that have been stamped provide greater physical strength than unworked raw aluminum material. Aluminum stamping can be performed through numerous operations, including:

  • Forming: Univeral term used to describe the processes used to shape metalwork
  • Blanking: Utilizing a die to cut pieces from aluminum sheet metal
  • Piercing: Uses a punch and a die to create clean notches or holes into a part with tight tolerances
  • Drawing: Utilizes tensile pressure to shape and manipulate into desired shapes and thicknesses

Advantages of Stamping Aluminum Sheet Metal

Since aluminum is a softer metal that provides excellent workability, many benefits are associated with aluminum metal stamping. Aluminum will not burn and provides increased strength as it gets colder. Aluminum metal stamping offers additional benefits, including:

  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Increased ductility
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Reflective of light and heat
  • Easily recyclable
  • Non-magnetic

Aluminum Sheet Metal Stamping Services at Tempco

At Tempco, we utilize aluminum stamping presses with capacities of up to 440 tons, and precision stamping dies and tooling that we make in-house. We can create parts as thin as 0.002" while maintaining tolerances that often exceed industry standards. Our customer base is spread across all industries; with short- to medium-run metal stamping and sheet metal prototyping capabilities, we can deliver parts and components of any shape or size.

Industrial Aluminum Stamping for Medical Manufacturing, Construction, & More

Aluminum is used by every major industry worldwide. Aluminum is non-magnetic, exceptionally durable, and has a relatively low melting point. It will not rust and maintains superb dimensional stability. Some of the industries that most regularly utilize aluminum stamping include:

Trust Tempco for Your Custom Aluminum Stamping & Other Metal Fabrications

Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, Tempco Manufacturing has been in the metalworking industry for over 70 years. We produce custom sheet metal fabrications through our industry-leading weldingstamping, and forming capabilities. Customers in some of the most demanding industries trust Tempco to provide top-quality metalwork, including stamping aluminum sheet metal.

What Makes Tempo Different from Other Aluminum Stamping Companies?

As a trusted metal fabricator in the Midwest, we take pride in separating ourselves from other standard aluminum stamping companies by offering our customers ultimate support, convenient services, and premium quality. With our metalwork expertise and high-performance equipment, we can turn a standard piece of aluminum into a custom part that will meet or exceed your expectations. We also process orders efficiently, meaning you can get your aluminum stampings with minimal downtime. If you need customized aluminum metal stampings for your specific project, you can count on Tempco to deliver premium results.

Contact Tempco for Custom Aluminum Stamping Services Today

Contact us online for more information regarding our aluminum stamping options and capabilities. You can also call us at (651)452-1441, and we will gladly answer any aluminum metal stamping questions. View our gallery to see examples of the custom metal stampings we produce. Trust Tempco to provide your custom metal stampings and aluminum sheet metal fabrications for your next project.