Your Industrial Metal Fabrication Experts

Tempco Manufacturing has been in the metal stamping industry for over 70 years. Located in St Paul, MN, we serve a wide range of industries with our custom metal stampings and custom sheet metal fabrication capabilities.

Founded in 1945, Tempco is a 3rd generation, family-held company. We have over 83,000 square feet of manufacturing space at our main plant, including our tool and die shop, along with a separate warehouse with 37,000 square feet for finished goods. Tempco has offered solutions in just about every industry.

Tempco is your trusted source for custom metal fabrication and forming solutions. Request a quote or contact us today for more information!

Value Engineering Without Compromise 

Tempco’s philosophy is to maintain low operating costs, invest in best-in-class technology, automate and standardize, and hire excellent people. Tempco strongly encourages collaboration between our engineers and our client’s engineers to create the best possible low-cost solutions for manufacturing the client’s product at the highest industry standards. Tempco also offers value added services like of deburring, plating, anodizing, and more to provide our clients with the highest quality custom products.

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