Metal Stamping

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Metal stamping is a fast and efficient method of producing durable, high-quality custom components for an extensive range of industries. Using custom-made stamping dies and precision stamping equipment, sheet metal is cut or formed into a desired shape. From complex parts to simple components, Tempco is ready to deliver uncompromising results paired with unparalleled customer service. We offer:

  • Processes performed using CAD/CAM designed tools
  • Metal stamping presses built to handle capacities up to 440 tons
  • Small and large punch presses for unique specifications and complex custom stamping projects
  • Precision stamping dies and tooling manufactured in-house
  • Ability to produce parts as thin as 0.005” and maintain tolerances that often exceed industry standards
  • Metal stamping for sheet metal prototyping
  • And much more!

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Types of Metal Stamping

Your best type of metal stamping will depend on the goals and requirements of your production. Output volume, uniformity needs, and component complexity all will impact which kind of metal stamping is the most efficient option. Need help determining which type of metal stamping is right for your project? Call 651-452-1441 today. A Tempco expert will get to know your application to identify your most effective metal stamping technique.

Progressive Die Stamping

Also called prog die stamping, this process moves strip metal through a line of progressive stamping press stations. Each station performs a specific function—such as bending, punching, or others—to produce complex parts. It is a fast, repeatable process that creates uniform components.

Multi-Slide and Fourslide Stamping

Multi-slide metal stamping, also called fourslide metal stamping, is a precision option for creating complex parts. While it does not produce final components with complete uniformity, it is an excellent option for orders requiring design flexibility and versatility.

Deep Draw Stamping

Using a punch to feed blanks into a die, deep drawing is the ideal metal stamping process for products requiring shapes with extreme depth. Deep draw metal stamping has a low material waste rate and is well-suited for low-volume production of simple parts.

Metal Stamping Processes

Custom metal stamping is completed with stamping dies typically manufactured from tool steel, which is hard enough to cut most other types of metal while maintaining your required tolerances. Various kinds of metal stamping techniques are used to create your desired result, and your best process may include:

  • Blanking—Blanking removes a workpiece from the original metal to create your designated form. It is the opposite of punching as the removed metal becomes the shape or blank.
  • Punching—Punching uses a die and a punch to cut sheet metal into your designated shape. Excess material is dispelled from the surface, and the remaining form creates your final part.
  • Bending— Metal sheet is bent and formed to match your shape specifications. The most common forms are L, U, or V-shapes as this process is accomplished by bending a material around a single axis.
  • Drawing—Using a compressive force, sheet metal is formed into a cavity or around the desired shape. Drawing is also sometimes referred to as forming.
  • Embossing—Embossing uses a die to apply a shape onto metal material, imprinting the pattern or design onto the workpiece.

Other metal stamping and metal fabrication processes are available to match your unique specifications. Request a quote to learn more.

Metal Stamp Material Options

Metal stamping creates dependable parts from a vast range of premium materials. If you do not see your preferred material option listed below, contact Tempco to discuss your project’s requirements.

Choosing the Right Metal Stamping Technique for Your Industry

Metal stamping is a quick and cost-effective way to produce custom components for any industry. It is commonly used to machine solutions across markets, including:

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