Custom Carbon Steel Stamping

Cold and hot rolled steel are common materials utilized in the metal stamping process. The process involves placing the blanked or coiled cold or hot rolled steel piece in a stamping press. A stamping tool (or die) that has been fashioned into the shape of the part is then pressed into and through the material to create a net-shape part.

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Progressive Die Stamping

Hot and cold rolled steel progressive die stamping is a die based cutting and forming process that contains a series of stamping stations. These stations perform simultaneous operations on steel sheet metal that has been supplied on coiled strip. A Progressive Stamping Die ("Die") is a metalworking device that is designed and built to convert a flat strip of metal raw material into completed parts that conform to print specifications.

Cold Rolled Steel vs. Hot Rolled Steel

Cold Rolled & Hot Rolled steel can have different attributes or benefits that may be helpful with certain applications. Hot rolled steel is more malleable and has a scaly surface finish, while cold rolled steel provides increased strength with an aesthetically pleasing exterior finish.

Precision Metal Stamping Capabilities

Our full-service custom metal stamping and fabrication shop can produce full-scale metal stampings through a wide range of processes such as: 

  • Steel Blanking: A fabrication process where a punch and die are used to cut pieces, referred to as blanks, from sheet metal for further processing. Steel blanking produces minimal burrs, which helps reduce finishing costs and lead time.
  • Piercing: Uses similar machinery as blanking and involves using a punch and die to create holes, slots, and notches in sheet metal. It creates tight tolerances, produces a cleaner cut than drilling, and is more productive than laser cutting.
  • Steel Forming: Includes different processes where force is applied to sheet metal to modify its geometry. Steel forming processes create thin, flat pieces that can be formed into complex shapes.
  • Drawing: A process where tensile force is used to stretch, or draw, sheet metal blanks over a die until the desired thickness and shape is achieved. This precision metal stamping process is used to create fluid handling, aircraft parts, electronic components, and more.

We have small punch presses for small precision metal stampings, along with large punch presses for more complex custom projects. Our professionals are trained extensively in the metal stamping industry. Contact us today to learn more about our custom cold rolled steel and hot rolled steel stamping capabilities.

Steel Stamping for Parts of All Sizes

At Tempco Manufacturing we can produce high precision, highly detailed custom hot and cold rolled steel precision metal stampings and components that meet all customer design specifications.

Utilizing stamping presses with capacities up to 440 tons and precision stamping dies and tooling that we make in-house, we can create parts as thin as 0.002” while maintaining tolerances that often exceed industry standards. We serve customers across all industries and deliver short- to medium-run metal stampings for parts and components of all shapes and sizes.

Custom Manufactured Stamping Tools & Dies 

Tempco’s stamping dies are custom-made tools that are utilized with a stamping press to cut or form steel sheet metal into its desired shape. Most stamping tools are custom manufactured and are typically manufactured from tool steel, which is hard enough to cut most other types of metal while maintaining the tolerances the stamped part requires.

All Tempco’s stamping dies are made by our in-house tool and die shop. Our tool and die makers have the expertise to create high precision steel stamping tools that will accurately reproduce even the most complex part shapes.

Additional Custom Fabrication Services

In addition to custom metal stamping, we offer a range of other sheet metal fabrication services to give our customers high precision parts, components, and assemblies that match their application requirements. We provide precision sheet metal fabricationlaser cuttingwelding, secondary machining, and more.

Metal Stamping Quality Standards

At Tempco, we produce only the highest quality custom steel metal stampings. Our workforce is dedicated and committed to quality through Quality Circle involvement. Our quality management system is now certified to AS9100D standards, ISO 9001:2015 certifiedISO 13485:2016 Certification and hold a Federal Firearms License.

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