Metal Fabrication Processes

Metal Forming Capabilities at Tempco

Metal forming and fabrication are broad terms that refer to any process that cuts, shapes, or molds metal material into a final product. Instead of relying on assembly methods to produce ready-made components, metal fabrication processes create a product from raw or semi-finished materials. Depending on your design specifications, there are a wide range of metal fabrication processes that can be used to create custom parts and components.

At Tempco Manufacturing, we merge our full-service metal fabrication processes with our award-winning metal forming capabilities to provide parts and components to meet your project needs. Contact us for more information on our metal forming processes and capabilities or call us at 651-452-1441 and we will happily assist you with your specific questions.


Superior Metal Forming for Your Project

There are a broad range of metal fabrication companies to choose from to complete the metal services that your job requires. The best ones realize that each project offers its own unique challenges and benefits. Choosing a custom metal fabrication company that will best fulfill a project’s needs is an important decision that can affect numerous aspects of a project including manufacturing rate, production quality, and cost-effectiveness. Important aspects to consider include:

  • Overall Experience
  • Production Type
  • Materials
  • Industries Served
  • Resources

Custom Metal Forming Industries Served

With over 70 years of experience, Tempco Manufacturing produces precision metal stampings, precision sheet metal fabrications, and assemblies for clients across numerous sectors. Some of the industries that benefit from our custom metal fabrication processes include:

Precision Metal Forming Capabilities

Custom metal stamping is an industrial process that relies on equipment fitted with dies to produce shapes from sheet metal. At Tempco Manufacturing, we can provide metal fabrication processes that match your exact design specification needs. We can provide the following services:

Custom Metal Stampings

Looking for a metal stamping solution? Tempco Manufacturing is your answer. Not only do we have the equipment for your metal stamping needs, we also have the secondary capabilities to produce turnkey products that meet your requirements. We are your one-stop shop for precision stamped metal components!

Fiber Optic Laser Cutting

Our fiber optic laser cutter is up to four times faster than conventional laser systems. It includes a material feed tower with an automatic material load/unload feature that enables fully automated 24/7 operation. High-speed positioning (up to 13,300 ipm traverse speeds) provides unmatched productivity.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrications

Our custom sheet metal fabrication processes use top-of-the-line equipment and extensive knowledge to fabricate high-quality precision parts. We can laser cut, CNC turret punch, form, weld, and install hardware, all in-house. If you require a finish or any other secondary services on your product, Tempco can use one of its many proven supplier partnerships to provide you with a complete product!

Welding Capabilities

Tempco can weld all your metal components. We provide spot welding, MIG/TIG/arc welding, and robotic welding. Our expert technicians will work with you to determine the best method of welding for your product. We have many years of experience and stand behind our work.

Machining for Stamping & Fabrication

Our drilling and tapping machines are used to drill and thread holes in a surface. Our countersinking capabilities provide increased precision to your part. Additionally, we provide counter-boring, which, in contrast, makes a flat-bottomed hole, potential for use with a hexagonal headed cap screw.

Turret Press

Our Amada turret press provides numerous benefits that help us create your metal stampings and fabricated parts with better quality and accuracy. Precision ram motion control—including separate controls for speed, stroke length, hover height, and hold time—reduces tooling wear and punching noise.

Water Jet Cutting

Tempco’s water jet cutting systems utilize CNC-operated, multi-axis cutting heads. This technology allows for highly complex part shapes and angled cuts and automatically minimizes taper on vertical cuts for greater precision.

Precision Tooling & Fixtures

At Tempco, we have our own in-house precision tooling capabilities including water jets, CNC machining, milling, and jig bores. Tempco’s tool builders are second to none and can help you determine what tooling or fixtures are best used to produce your product and save you costs, without compromising quality or function. We can handle even the most complex metal stamping and/or fabricating jobs.

Engineering & Prototype Services

Tempco Manufacturing puts a strong emphasis on value engineering. We encourage engineering collaboration between our client’s engineers and our in-house engineering team. If we can save the client costs without affecting the form, fit, function, or quality of the project, we will do so. We are here to add value and assist you with all your needs.

To go along with our engineering, we also offer prototyping services. To meet our clients’ needs, Tempco's prototypes are produced at a fast pace through engineering input, quality craftsmanship, and the best equipment available.

Value Added Capabilities

To complement our core production of metal stamping and sheet metal fabrication, and to provide you a turnkey product, Tempco offers value added capabilities consisting of, but not limited to, deburring and cleaning, hardware installation, assemblies, plating, powder coating, anodizing, machining, and more.

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