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Precision Tooling and Sheet metal Fabrication

Die stamping is a cold forming operation that does not apply direct heat to the die or sheet material that is being processed. However, since friction is generated within the manufacturing process the stamped parts are often hot when removed from the machine.  

Tempco’s tool builders are second to none and can help you determine what tooling or fixtures are best used to produce your product and save you costs without compromising quality or function. We can handle even the most complex of metal stamping or fabricating jobs. In addition, Tempco Manufacturing maintains and replaces non-permanent dies without charge to our customers. In addition, we update the dies to eliminate obsolescence. Tooling storage is always free of charge.

Contact us for more information regarding our tooling and die capabilities, or call us at 651-452-1441 and we will gladly assist you with any questions you may have. We are your premier tool and die manufacturers.

Fixture Equipment and Precision Tooling

What is a Die Stamping Machine?

A die stamping machine is designed to cut and form sheet metal into numerous shapes or profiles. The machine operates by forming the metal between two halves of the press tool. The upper member of the machine is attached to the slides of the press, while the bottom member is attached to the stationary bolster plate.

What is Metal Stamping Tooling?

Metal Stamping tooling is the process of designing and engineering tools that are utilized to manufacture numerous types of parts or components. There are many different types of tooling that can be created through the metal stamping tooling process, some of which include:

The highest quality tooling and die products need to be designed and engineered to their fullest capabilities to allow for the creation of reliable precision parts. At Tempco, we have the tool and die making capabilities to take your project to the next level.

Cutting Operations

Cutting is the most common operation performed by a stamping die. Metal severance occurs when the material is placed between two bypassing tool steel sections that have a small distance between them; this gap is referred to as the cutting clearance. Some of the different types of stamped die cuts, include:

  • Notching
  • Trimming
  • Piercing
  • Lancing
  • Blanking
  • Shearing

Precision Tooling & Fixture Equipment

At Tempco, we produce tooling and fixtures in-house in our state of the art tool and die shop. We excel at cost effective design conversion from castings, forgings, two-piece assemblies and screw machine parts. We pride ourselves in helping our customers determine the most efficient, cost effective tooling approach. Our tooling and die equipment options include the following machines:

Tempco's Precision Tooling & Fixture Equipment

CNC EDM Machining:

Wire EDM - 16" x 24"
1 CHMER CM H86C Hole Popper - 18" x 36"

CNC Vertical Machining Center:

1 OKK MCV 550 with Meldas 500
1 OKK MCV 650 with Meldas 300
1 Fadal VMC 15
1 Bridgeport Conquest Mill V1000
1 Hurco VMX84TI - Bed Size 84" x 32"

Vertical Mills:

4 Bridgeport Series 1
1 TRAK K3 with ProTrak/KMS


1 Clausing 600 - 12”

Band Saws:

1 Spartan Horizontal PA 1313
1 Grob NS 18
1 Jet 18”

Band Filers:

1 Do All BF - 120

Surface Grinders:

1 Chevalier FSG - 1640 ADII - 16” x 40”
1 Chevalier FSG - 2A618
1 Chevalier FSG - 1224ADIII
1 Do All
1 Blanchard 18CD 36" Capacity

Drill Presses:

2 Clausing 20"

Learn More About our Precision Tooling and Fixtures 

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