Machining Capabilities for Metal Forming

Tempco Drilling and Tapping CapabilitiesAs a supplement to our stamping and fabrication services, we offer machining services including drilling, tapping, and countersinking.

Tempco's Drilling & Tapping Machining Capabilities

Our drilling and tapping machines are used to drill and thread holes in a surface. We carefully select the proper drilling and tapping tools by a precise set of criteria, including the material to be drilled, the length of thread to be formed, and the amount accuracy each drilling and tapping job calls for. Our drilling and tapping machines enable the most basic to complex operations.

Counter-boring and Countersinking Capabilities

Countersinking is a service offered to increase precision. Countersinking is creating a tapered hole drilled with a wide outer portion. This is most often done to allow the head of a countersunk bolt or screw to site square with or below its surroundings when placed in the hole.

In addition to countersinking, Tempco Manufacturing also provides counter-boring, which, in contrast, makes a flat-bottomed hole, potential for use with a hexagonal headed cap screw. Given our great commitment to quality, we also use countersinking to remove resultant burr left over from drilling and tapping operations and metal stamping. Not only does this operation remove dangerous sharp edges, but it improves the overall quality of the drilling and tapping job.

Additional Machining Capabilities at Tempco

Any machining needs that we cannot achieve in-house can be sent to our sister company, Dadsons Machining. Tempco’s relationship with Dadsons allows us to provide the customer with a complete product.

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