Value Engineering & Prototype Production Services

Custom Fabricated & Assembled Parts

Tempco Manufacturing will assist you with your metal stamping and sheet metal fabrication manufacturing challenges. By combining value engineering and prototyping services, we provide our clients with cost-effective, high-quality metal components that meet their specific requirements and enhance overall product performance.

Value & Production Engineering at Tempco

At Tempco, our value engineering services are designed to improve the value of products and components by maximizing functionality, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Utilizing our 70-plus years of experience, we can make recommendations on how to help reduce cost, streamline your product, and determine the most viable way to manufacture your product to meet the highest standards without sacrificing quality. We analyze the design and manufacturing processes, identify opportunities for improvement, and propose cost-saving measures without compromising the performance or quality of the final product. Steps in our value engineering process include:

  • Design analysis & modifications
  • Material selection & optimization
  • Cost analysis
  • Production recommendations & optimization

Tempco's Sheet Metal Prototyping Services

Tempco's prototype services are designed to ensure precision, cost-effectiveness, and on-time delivery. Prototyping enables our clients to visualize and evaluate the metal components' physical form, fit, and function early in development, reducing the risk of design flaws and optimizing the final product's performance and manufacturability. Tempco's prototypes are produced through engineering input, quality craftsmanship, and the best manufacturing equipment available.

Prototype Production Process & Benefits

Our prototype production process includes thorough assessments of the performance and functionality of the prototype to validate its design and identify any potential issues. We make necessary modifications to improve the metal component's design, functionality, or manufacturability. Our engineers conduct thorough testing and evaluation to ensure the prototype meets the required standards and specifications before mass production. Benefits of Tempco's prototyping services include:

  • Design validation
  • In-depth communication & collaboration
  • Enhanced quality assurance
  • Risk mitigation
  • Increased opportunity for customization options prior to full production
  • Increased potential to identify cost savings in the design

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Contact Tempco today to learn more about our value engineering and prototype services and what we can do to solve your manufacturing challenges. You can also request a quote for pricing information for our prototyping services. Choose Tempo for all your custom prototyping and sheet metal production engineering needs.