Hot Rolled Carbon Steel

As its name implies, hot rolled carbon steel is produced by rolling steel at extremely high temperatures. The temperature must exceed carbon steel’s recrystallization point so that the steel can be shaped and formed when rolled. As hot rolled steel cools to room temperature, the material normalizes its structure and removes internal stresses, increasing toughness and ductility. However, the cooling process also causes slight shrinkage, impacting hot rolled steel’s final shape. The workability and relatively low cost of hot rolled steel make it an ideal material for industrial applications that do not require tight tolerances.

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Benefits of Hot Rolled Sheet Metal

Hot rolling steel is a metal fabrication process utilized across many industrial applications. Hot rolled steel requires less force and energy throughout production compared to cold rolled steel, helping keep production costs low. Hot rolled sheet metal is finished with a scaly surface that can be smoothed for metal stamping.

Hot rolled steel is preferred for processes including metal bending, providing versatility when forming a required shape. However, the cooling process causes hot rolled steel and hot rolled coil to shrink non-uniformly, making it best suited for applications requiring less precise shaping.

Distinctions Between Hot Rolled Steel & Cold Rolled Steel

Hot and cold rolled steel each carry advantages depending on the application. Key differences between hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel include:

  • Cost differences: Hot rolled steel involves less processing than cold rolled steel, meaning it is typically much less expensive
  • Cold rolled steel contains higher strength than hot rolled steel, making it more suitable for high-stress applications
  • Cold rolled steel does not shrink after the forming process, allowing for higher precision and tighter tolerances than hot rolled steel
  • While cold rolled steel generally has a shiny, smooth surface after processing, hot rolled steel typically has rough surfaces and edges after production.

Industrial Applications for Hot Rolled Steel

Because hot rolled steel has variabilities after production, it is an excellent choice when tight tolerances are not a top priority. Due to hot rolled steel’s advantage in price, it is often utilized in large production industrial applications, including:

  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Automotive Parts
  • Construction & Infrastructural Materials
  • Industrial Transportation Equipment
  • Material Handling Devices
  • And more

Grades of Hot Rolled Steel from Tempco

Hot rolled steel is available in various grades, including C1045, A572, and more. Each grade carries unique properties, impacting the tensile strength and impact resistance levels.

C1045 Hot Rolled Steel

This versatile medium-strength carbon hot rolled steel provides medium tensile strength with good impact resistance. C1045 is a common grade, often used for fasteners and automotive parts.

A572 Hot Rolled Steel

This grade of hot rolled steel offers excellent weldability characteristics, making it a versatile material for industrial applications. A572 is often used in structural applications that require higher strength than other hot rolled steel grades.

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