What’s New at Tempco


Summer 2017 News:

Tempco is AS9100C Certified 
As of June 2017, Tempco Manufacturing has been AS9100C certified for the manufactured of metal stampings and fabricated parts for aviation, aerospace, and defense industries. We have been ISO 9001:2008 certified for years, and this added certification further supports our commitment to quality and excellence.


Spring 2017 News:


Tempco's State-of-the-art Amada Turret Press Is up and Running 
As part of our commitment to continuous process and quality improvement, Tempco recently added an Amada EMK M2 Series turret press to our lineup of metal stamping and fabrication equipment. This state-of-the-art Amada system offers the highest real-world hit rates and ram positioning accuracy of any turret press on the market, and can process 10’ x 5’ metal sheets without repositioning. What does that mean for you? More precise parts and greater manufacturing efficiency to get your project done better, faster.

The EMK M2 is capable of producing complex parts

The EMK M2 will match your exact specifications


Winter 2017 News:

Tempco Completes Quality Control Area Remodel
Tempco is pleased to announce that the latest remodel of our quality control lab is now complete. We have added several new and exciting features that will enhance our ability to better serve our customers. Some of the highlights of this remodel include: 

  • Renovated world class quality control lab
  • New Insight coordinate measuring machine (CMM) has been added
  • New lighting fixtures
  • Improvements were made to create a safer working environment
  • Overall improvements were made to both facility function and aesthetics

Tempco is currently in the process of becoming AS9100 certified, and with these improvements to our QC lab it is now compliant with AS9100.

New Quality Control Room just Opened at Tempco New lighting fixtures in our quality control lab New Insight coordinate measuring machine (CMM) has been added
Our new Quality Control Room at Tempco New lighting fixtures in our quality control lab at Tempco Our newly renovated world class quality control lab New Insight coordinate measuring machine


New Additions at Tempco!
The New Hurco Machine at Tempco
The Hurco VMX84i machine at Tempco.
New Bridgeport V1000 at Tempco
The Bridgeport V1000
Tooling Staging area at Tempco
Dedicated area for tool staging in the Tool and Die Shop.

Summer 2016 News:

Tempco adds new equipment in Tool & Die Shop 
To better serve our customers and to expand our cabilities in our Tool & Die shop Tempco has added two new machining centers. The Hurco VMX84i-50t and Bridgeport V1000 will enable to Tempco to produce more precise, accurate, and higher quality dies that will then in turn manufacture higher quality parts for our customers. With these two new machining centers our Tool & Die Shop is positioned to add capacity in 2016 and beyond.
X TRAVEL = 84” 
Y TRAVEL = 34”
Z TRAVAL = 30” 
SPINDLE SPEED 8000 RPM               

X TRAVEL = 40”
Y TRAVEL = 24”
Z TRAVEL = 24”

Tempco has also added a staging area for our Tool & Die shop to better assist our tool builders in preparing the Tool & Dies for production processes. 







Spring 2016 News:

Tempco completes renovations of offices
Earlier this year Tempco completed new office renovations, the first such updates since the 1970s. Tempco reorganized the layout to add multiple work stations to create a more inclusive environment for employees to communicate in a more efficient and effective manner and better serve our customers. Tempco also added another conference room giving us the ability to host multiple customers on the same days and giving us flexibility for conference calls, training, meetings, etc. 

NEW Office Renovations at Tempco
New Reception at Tempco New Tempco Conference Room New Workstations at Tempco
Tempco's Newly Remodeled Reception area. New Conference Room space at Tempco. Employee workstation offices.