AS9100C Certified for Metal Stamping & Fabricated Parts

As of June 2017, Tempco Manufacturing has been AS9100C certified for the manufactured of metal stampings and fabricated parts for aviation, aerospace, and defense industries. We have been ISO 9001:2008 certified for years, and this added certification further supports our commitment to quality and excellence.

View Tempco’s AS9100C certificate.

Our AS9100C certification was overseen by Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc., a leading, ANAB-accredited management systems certification body.


What Does AS9100C Certification Mean for Your Project?

AS9100C, also known as AS9100:2009, is the third major revision to the ISO/AS 9100 certification. The key focus of the AS9100C revision is elevating the requirements for risk management and to make risk management an integrated theme across the ISO/AS 9100 standard. Most changes in this revision were driven by repeated delivery of non-conformal products and consistent or repeated late deliveries by AS9100A/B-certified organizations.

Major changes between previous revisions and AS9100C include:


  • A greater emphasis is placed on risk management
  • A list of “Special Requirements” was introduced
  • A list of “Critical Items” was introduced
  • A new measure was added to address requirements conformance
  • A new measure was added to address delivery performance
  • A requirement for the adoption of proven product development processes
  • The elimination of “recurring corrective actions”


Tempco: Quality Parts with On-Time Deliveries

Long story short, our AS9100C certification means you can count on Tempco for high-quality parts with on-time deliveries. We will deliver precision metal stampings and fabricated metal parts that match your exact design requirements and are delivered on time, every time. We do everything in our power to exceed customer expectations.

Request a quote on the metal stampings or fabricated parts you need, or contact Tempco Manufacturing to discuss your unique project specifications.